Peabody Sustainability Pledge

My Peabody Sustainability Pledge

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Turn off lights & use natural light
Enable power management on my computer
Use compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs
Turn off water when brushing teeth
Wash my clothes in cold water
Walk, bike or use public transportation
Donate unwanted items
Reduce, reuse, & recycle
Buy EnergyStar electronics & appliances
Drink tap water instead of bottled
Purchase environmentally friendly products
Volunteer in the community (Join GreenPeabody)
Turn off the lights when I watch TV
Use green products & support the local economy
Shorten my shower time by half
Buy (if possible) produce at farmers' markets
Reduce my carbon & ecological footprint
Use our new weekly curbside recycling program
Decline plastic bags at the grocery store
Compost my organic & lawn waste
Car pool when possible
Use organic fertilizers on my lawn
Not use chemical cleaners
Share with us (in the text box below) your ideas & plans that are not mentioned above!
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